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Day Supports (Community and Center-Based)

At Ardmore, we believe everyone has the right to choose the course of their life and, thus, offer a range of daytime supports to unlock potential and enrich the quality of life for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 

Community-Based Supports:  Community Learning Services (CLS)

Community Learning Services (CLS) focuses on developing the skills necessary to cultivate community connections, promote positive personal growth, meet and exceed educational goals, pursue employment options, and adjust socially for each individual. People in Ardmore's CLS program often start and end their days in the community - doing activities of interest to them! 

Our approach is highly individualized and utilizes person-centered planning tools to develop an Individual Plan (IP) that articulates a vision of how each person we support wants to live his or her life and the steps that he/she needs to meet those personal, self‐identified goals. Ardmore staff are matched with individuals to guide and support their participation in community‐based activities throughout Prince George’s County and the surrounding metropolitan area.

CLS services are provided Monday–Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.—that’s 30-hours per week for 249 days a year. Supports and services may include assistance with:

  • selecting, attending and participating in classes, seminars, workshops, or community-based recreational activities;
  • selecting, attending and participating in volunteer opportunities or activities that would help to develop and improve work habits, work skills and work behavior;
  • developing and enhancing social networking skills by participating in community–based civic clubs and other chosen organizations;
  • creating an individualized weekly schedule of activities that are personally fulfilling; and
  • accessing and using public transportation including Metro Access or other transportation systems.

Community Learning Services is a DDA (Developmental Disabilities Administration) funded program.

Center-Based Day Supports

For those enrolled in Center-Based Day Supports, we offer a variety of activities including a sensory room, art room, game room, media room, and life-skills room. In addition, we coordinate activities in the community several times a week so the people we support can access a full community life. Our goal is to gradually increase the amount of time each person spends in the community. 

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