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Ardmore presents our inaugural NEXT LEVEL graduating class!

NEXT LEVEL Graduation - 2019

Ardmore is thrilled to present our NEXT LEVEL inaugural graduating class! Commencement ceremonies were held at Ardmore’s administrative offices on Thursday, July 18 to celebrate the program graduates: Edith, Albert, Agnes, John and Lola. Kim Rhim, Executive Director of The Training Source delivered the commencement address. In her remarks, she encouraged our graduates to think about what is NEXT:


(You gained new skills and knowledge and demonstrated that you understood them: new thinking, new skills, new methods, new recommendations and new strategies. Resist the urge to do things the way you always have. Be the change you want to see – in the organization, in your customers, in the field.)


(Elevate your standards and your goals. Increase your aim. Educate others on the information that you learned. Engage with others in trying new strategies, thinking differently, aiming higher. Lead them along the way.)

X – EXHIBIT/EXPECT – They don’t start with E but they sound like X!

(Exhibit the new skills and knowledge you gained in training. Be confident and courageous. Expect the best from your efforts. That which you visualize becomes reality.)


(Teach others best practices – if you keep all your knowledge close to your chest, nobody benefits, not event you. Tell stories that help others see the benefits of what you propose. Use stories to motivate action and change.)

Born out of a desire to recognize Direct Support Professionals for the professionals that they are, Ardmore launched the NEXT LEVEL Program. Founded by our Human Resources Director, Bianca Colbert, this program gives Direct Support Professionals a path to credentialing and certification through the National Alliance for Direct Support Professionals (NADSP).

Participants in the program were selected via competitive application process. Each graduate completed a 100-hour course of study and a portfolio highlighting their competencies. Once reviewed by the NADSP, each graduate will be certified as a Direct Support Professional-1 (DSP-1) which is a nationally recognized certification that sets them apart from other Direct Support Professionals in that they have demonstrated skills and knowledge that enable them to practice high quality direct supports.

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