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Why Choose Ardmore

Our mission is to empower people and that is exactly what we do. We work for people—not for clients or consumers—by encouraging their growth and supporting their life choices.

Ardmore is an award-winning, licensed service provider under the Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR). We invest in staff training and development to provide exemplary support services for people living with intellectual and other developmental disabilities and we are guided by a very simple principle: every person has value, deserves respect and has the right to choose the direction of his or her life.

We see each person as an individual with unique needs, dreams, desires and skills. We believe that our commitment to person-centered support and our innovative and open approach to growth has positioned Ardmore as a creditable leader in our community with a 50-year history as a nonprofit business and advocate for people with disabilities.

We are Ardmore…deep roots, strong branches, real growth for real people.

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Ardmore Enterprises 3000 Lottsford Vista Road Bowie, MD 20721-4001 tel: 301-306-2575,
fax: 301-259-3634