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   Our daughter’s short time participating [with Ardmore] has given us a piece of normalcy that we have not had in a very long time and for that, we truly appreciate the services you all have provided.

   Thank you for... being just a phone call away...  your calm charisma and patient demeanor...  your kind thoughtful words and positive outlook...  your flexibility...  your amazing ability to redirect... teaching our daughter ways to improve her independence while keeping her hair and toenails beautiful...  your infectious laughter...  sharing a home cooked meal and snacks that she loves...  the invites to the cook-out so our daughter can socialize with others...

The Teasley Family
Excerpts from September 17, 2021 letter acknowledging Tiara’s Support Team

Annual Appeal 2021

Letters like the one from Tiara’s family inspire us!

We are proud of our staff—the women and men who continue to power forward and deliver life-changing services to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families. Their work embodies who Ardmore really is... the Ardmore you’ve come to trust and support.

As our region moves closer toward a post-pandemic society, we are developing inclusion opportunities and restructuring services to reconnect the people we support to their community life. We ask for your help to reach our annual appeal goal of $25,000 by December 31, 2021 through our Powering Forward campaign.

​Your Powering Forward gift will enable us to:

  • Bolster our safety practices and staff trainings for in-person services;

  • Attract and retain more direct support professionals—our essential staff;

  • Broaden our employer network and intensify training for job seekers;

  • Customize accessibility and improvements to our residential properties; and

  • Offer more support and learning resources for our Ardmore families.

For nearly 60 years, Ardmore has been a community leader designing and delivering services to meet the goals, dreams and abilities of each person we support. Tiara’s story is one example:

On her way home from school, Tiara was in a life-altering car accident. Dreams for the then, 17-year-old high school senior abruptly shifted. Life for the parents of this college-bound basketball standout was turned upside down.


As a result of the accident, Tiara now has cognitive, visual and ambulatory impairments and uses a wheelchair for mobility. With intense therapy over the years, she has relearned to speak and use her left hand and has regained limited movement in her left leg.


In the past year, our Ardmore team of Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) have made it possible for Tiara to feed herself with a spoon, independently maneuver her new motorized wheelchair and participate in fun crafts with new friends. They have also been with her to give her an assuring touch, talk to her, give her a mani-pedi, help style her hair, and introduce her to new foods.  


Today, at 31, Tiara is preparing to move from her parent’s home to a place of her own. Tiara is Powering Forward because of her drive and hard work… the love and care of her dedicated family … and the compassionate, attentive and professional support of her Ardmore Support Team.

Listen, teach, ask, encourage, share, smile. A few basic, yet powerful, empowerment tools we use every day for Tiara and 200+ other people who have chosen Ardmore for support. Please consider a donation to Ardmore today. Your support powers our mission and moves us all toward more inclusive vibrant communities.

​Secure donations can be made through our website or OR by mailing a check payable to ARDMORE to: 3000 Lottsford Vista Road, Bowie, MD 20721.

Thank you for your powerful support!

Download a pdf of this letter from Ardmore's CEO Lori Sedlezky.

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