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News: Ardmore!
Tele-Support Program

July 2020

Ardmore Begins Tele-Support Program


The last several weeks have been brought many unforeseen challenges and changes to all of us. What has not changed, is Ardmore’s commitment to providing supports to those who need it most.   While our Day Habilitation and Community Development Services programs are currently suspended due to COVID-19, we have been actively working to develop alternative ways to support people in those programs.

Last Tuesday, Ardmore launched our pilot Tele-Support Program. This program connects people supported with their peers and provides them with an opportunity to interact and engage in group activities. Ardmore’s Tele-Support Program takes place over a Zoom Video Conference Call and is facilitated by our staff. Our pilot program proved to be successful and allowed us to ensure that our staff and our technology are prepared to sustain a widespread roll out.

Those people who were being served by Ardmore’s Day Habilitation or Community Day Services prior to the COVID-19 closures who wish to participate should email or call 240-521-2412 to be provided with access information.

Those people looking to establish new services in Ardmore’s Day Habilitation or Community Day Services via our Tele-Supports Program, should contact

Additionally, we have prepared a one-page FAQ on Ardmore’s Tele-Support Program outlining pertinent information and answers to common questions which can be accessed here.


To see the current Tele-Support Activity Schedule, please click here.


Day Program Providers 

If you would like to coordinate tele-supports for someone in Ardmore’s Community Living Program, please contact Nikeya Ridgley at

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