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In response to the shifting routines of citizens in our community and world-wide prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic, Ardmore will continue offering virtual (online and digital) supports for those using our Employment Services and Day Supports/CDS.

Below is specific information for VirtualAccess (Day Supports/CDS) and for JobClub (Employment Services); plus, guidelines and help for participants using online supports.


For Day Supports/CDS

VirtualAccess, which is facilitated by our staff, primarily takes place over a Zoom video conference call and offers opportunities for the people we support to learn, to stay active, and to engage with their peers, support team and community.

  • VirtualAccess is offered Monday – Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Schedules for the hour-long, staff-led sessions are updated regularly and distributed to participants through Ardmore’s VirtualAccess communications.


Current VirtualAccess Activities (as of 04-10-21). A chart of daily activities is listed below or you can download and print a pdf.



For Employment Services

Ardmore’s JobClub refers to group activities (both in-person and virtual) for those supported through our employment services. Virtual calls are usually connected via Zoom and include job/career-focused activities, in addition to other engaging current event and fun games and events.

  • JobClub’s virtual schedules are updated regularly and distributed to participants through Ardmore’s JobClub communications.

Guidelines & Help For Participants

  • Most Ardmore online activities will be conducted via Zoom video conference calls. You can connect to from any internet browser or from the Zoom App. You will need internet access and a device (smartphone, laptop, computer, tablet, iPad, etc.). If you do not have access to this technology, we can discuss alternative options with you.

  • In order to evaluate the quality of our supports, VirtualAccess and JobClub sessions may be recorded for internal assessment. If you would like to opt out of these recordings, please email


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