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Ardmore Enterprises has a deep‐rooted history of empowering people with intellectual and developmental disabilities for nearly sixty years.

Founded in 1963 as a small daycare center for children with developmental disabilities, Ardmore’s goal was to support children not being served through the school system. When legislation was passed in 1975 improving access to education for children with disabilities, Ardmore turned its attention towards access for adults.


Beginning in 1979, Ardmore opened a sheltered workshop and soon followed by adding a day program. These facility-based programs provided a supported, though segregated, environment where adults with disabilities could acquire job skills, vocational experience and daytime care. In 1981, Ardmore expanded by adding a residential program and, over the next three decades, services grew to include in-home supports, job development, employment services and activities to promote community engagement and contribution.

Upon the closure of sheltered workshop in 2015,  we increased our focus on the importance of the people we support in experiencing and becoming a part of their communities. Today, in addition to our traditional center-based day program, we offer community-based option and an internship track in addition to employment services. Our residential program now features 19 single-family homes and apartments as well as a robust personal supports program.

In addition to providing excellent supports to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, we are proud to be one of the first eight nonprofits in Prince George’s County to achieve Tier-Three Level Standards for Excellence© certification. A certification we have maintained for over 15 years.

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