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At Ardmore, we believe that work experience is an essential part of unlocking and accessing community for anyone, including people with differing abilities.


Employment Services at Ardmore center on allowing people to move through the three major phases of employment: Discovery, Job Development and Ongoing Job Supports.


We work with each person to create a person-centered employment plan that focuses on their specific talents, interests and skills empowering them to be successful in the workforce. Because employment success is different for each person, our services are designed to incorporate and support full- and part-time employment, internships, volunteerism, entrepreneurship, or a mixture of these.

Delivery of Service

Our dynamic service delivery approach—for Day and Employment Supports—is designed to meet the unique needs of each individual in a variety of settings and to ensure that internal and external safety protocols and quality standards are met. To remain a sustainable and thriving community resource, Ardmore’s service delivery includes In-Person Supports, Tele-Support, and Virtual Services; or a combination (hybrid version).

  • In-Person Supports – One-on-one or small group face-to-face interactions and activities.

  • Tele-Support – One-on-one remote (via telephone or computer) interactions and activities.

  • Virtual Services – Small Group engaging online experiences (learning, fitness, social and entertainment, etc.) usually conducted via Zoom. Learn more about Ardmore’s VirtualAccess (Day Supports/CDS) and JobClub (Employment Services).


Employing People with Disabilities

Looking to expand and diversify your workforce? We can show you how hiring a person with differing abilities can be good for your business.





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