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At Ardmore, we believe that all people are able to work with the right supports and in the right setting. We support people wherever they may be on their path to employment.


Ardmore utilizes a structured approach to assist people in exploring, obtaining, and maintaining successful employment. Our employment team uses the Customized Employment process, designed to support a person in identifying their ideal conditions for employment and match them with the needs of a local employer.

Services are tailored for each job seeker to include one or all of the three phases of our Customized Employment process: Discovery, Job Development, and Follow-Along/Ongoing Supports.

  • Discovery: Employment Specialists provide a time-limited, community-based personal assessment designed to assist the person and their support team in identifying the person’s abilities, interests, and ideal conditions of employment.

  • Job Development: Once a job seeker’s ideal conditions of employment have been identified, a Job Developer can assist in matching a person’s skills and abilities with the needs of a community employer.

  • Follow-Along and Ongoing Job Supports: Once a person is employed, Ardmore will provide the support needed to maintain that employment. Support is based on the needs of each employee and their employment.

Employing People with Disabilities

​​Looking to expand and diversify your workforce? We can show you how hiring a person with differing abilities can be good for your business.

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