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Ardmore offers a range of daytime options to unlock potential and enrich the quality of life for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 


Our belief that everyone has the right to choose the course of their life extends to the choice of how they spend their days. Our day supports, through Community Development Services, are designed to encourage and support that choice with each person's day planned with meaningful activities based on his/her individual needs, desires and interests.

Community Development Services (CDS)

Community Development Services (CDS) focuses on developing the skills to cultivate community connections, promote positive growth, meet and exceed educational goals, pursue employment options and adjust socially for each individual. This service, which is DDA (Developmental Disabilities Administration) funded, operates Monday-Friday, from 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM, 250 days per year.

People using our CDS  often begin and end their days in the community—doing activities of interest to them such as volunteer work, internships, recreational activities (such as bowling), and classes (art, fitness, knitting, etc.). We use person-centered tools to match staff with the people we support and to help guide and support their participation in community-based activities throughout Prince George’s County and the surrounding metropolitan area.

Delivery of Service

Our dynamic service delivery approach—for Day and Employment Supports—is designed to meet the unique needs of each individual in a variety of settings and to ensure that internal and external safety protocols and quality standards are met. To remain a sustainable and thriving community resource, Ardmore’s service delivery includes In-Person Supports, Tele-Support, and Virtual Services; or a combination (hybrid version).

  • In-Person Supports – One-on-one or small group face-to-face interactions and activities.

  • Tele-Support – One-on-one remote (via telephone or computer) interactions and activities.

  • Virtual Services – Engaging online experiences (learning, fitness, social and entertainment, etc.) for groups usually conducted via Zoom. Learn more about Ardmore’s VirtualAccess (Day Supports/CDS) and JobClub (Employment Services).

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