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Community Living Services
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Designed to honor choice—the right to live where and with whom you want—Ardmore’s Community Living services champion the housing goals of each person we support.


We promote independence and bolster self-esteem by connecting the people we support to the communities where they live so they can explore their interests, spend time with friends and families, and develop new networks and relationships. Our Community Living Services wrap each of these values into the supports offered: Traditional Group Homes, Personal Supports, Supported Living and Shared Living.


Traditional Group Home Settings


Ardmore owns or operates over 19 single family homes and apartments in Prince George’s and Montgomery counties (Maryland). Our traditional group homes are anything but ordinary!  Many of the apartments are situated in complexes with extensive amenity menus and some of the homes are designed with basement apartments. Each home has its own transportation and is accessible by Metro Access.


Our support offering are as diverse as our housing opportunities. Typically, 3-4 people live in each home and staffing is tailored to the needs of the people living in that home. We encourage the members of each household to be involved in selecting the staff that will support them. Our staff are motivated to help each person we support progressively reach their highest level of independence and personal success.

Personal Supports

Understanding that each person has highly specific needs, this option provides individualized support services. Personal Supports promotes independence by matching staff that support empower people to live on their own, with family or with housemates.

Supported Living


Much like Personal Supports, Ardmore's Supported Living Program is designed for people who choose to live on their own, with family or with housemates. What makes Supported Living different is the expanded option of overnight support hours.

Shared Living


Similar to adult foster care, those supported by Ardmore are matched with a direct support provider and then live in a home with that provider.


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