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Who We Are


Ardmore is a person-first-oriented, non-profit service and advocacy organization whose primary goal is to promote and protect the human rights of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and actively support their full inclusion and participation in the communities they choose to be a part of. We believe that people with intellectual and developmental disabilities are valued members of our communities. So, we aim to provide the highest quality community-based, person-centered services to those we support so that they can live the lives they choose for themselves.  

Our Mission is to empower people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

What We Do

Ardmore provides an array of services that support people with IDD to live, work and thrive in their chosen communities. We provide services and supports that create pathways to active community engagement that gives people opportunities to contribute in meaningful ways while developing new skills, exploring new interests, and building friendships and relationships. Full community inclusion and integration is the goal. Our services promote increased social connections and opportunities while encouraging autonomy in decision-making.

Ardmore’s services are driven by the unique desires of the men and women we support to:

  • Live in a home of their choosing with whom they want to live.

  • Gain independence through paid employment that is valued and meaningful.

  • Spend their days meaningfully in the community doing things they choose to do.

  • Pursue their personal development through continuous learning, and

  • Thrive in communities of their choosing.

During the past year, Ardmore has:

  • Provided information and referral to over 1,000 people.

  • Provided case management services for nearly 200 adults with IDD and their families.

  • Supported more than 160 individuals with in-home community supports.

  • Supported 75 individuals to have more meaningful days in the community.

  • Supported more than 210 individuals in 14 homes throughout Prince George’s and Montgomery counties.

  • Partnered with local employers to provide people with IDD in our community with customized employment opportunities.

  • Opened a new service area to support individuals who want to own or rent a home of their own.

Partners and Affiliates

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Community Impact

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