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Through Ardmore’s efforts, local businesses discovered that hiring people with disabilities taps into a population of workers who are capable, excited and motivated to work.

People with disabilities have a wide-range of strengths and skills that make them well-suited and qualified for a variety of jobs. These individuals enrich our communities and businesses by contributing their very best.

Email our Employment Support Team to learn how our customized employment and outreach services can help you diversity your workforce, benefit from tax incentives, and realize other rewards.

Employment Partners

We are proud to acknowledge some of the area businesses who have hired the amazing women and men who chose Ardmore to support them in developing job skills and securing employment.

  • 7-Eleven

  • Andrews Air Force Base

  • Bart’s Barbershop

  • Burlington

  • City of Bladensburg, Department of Public Works

  • Community Forklift

  • Forman Mills

  • Giant Food

  • IHOP

  • J’Ollie’s Restaurant

  • Kerley Signs

  • Liberty Tax Service

  • Marshalls

  • Mattress Discounters

  • MedSource

  • MOD Pizza

  • Mt. Rainer Nature Center

  • Nationals Park

  • Nova Labels

  • Popeye’s

  • Prince George's County Parks & Planning

  • Royal Farms

  • Roadway Insurance

  • S. Freedman and Sons

  • Safeway

  • Save-A-Lot

  • Six Flags

  • Tag Team Kitchen

  • University of Maryland, Dining Room Service

  • Wendy’s

Employ Partners
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