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Ardmore Covid-19 Information

April 1, 2020


Ardmore takes the health and safety of the people we support and our staff seriously. In support of CDC, Federal and State of Maryland guidelines around social distancing, the following actions will remain in effect until further notice.

Ardmore's Executive Leadership Team will continue to closely monitor the situation and make updates/announcements as necessary. 


  • Ardmore’s Day Habilitation program is suspended.

  • All in-person job coaching is suspended. People supported who currently receive job coaching will continue to do so remotely.

  • Ardmore’s Community Development Service program is suspended.

  • Ardmore’s Administrative Building is closed. Maximum teleworking opportunities have been deployed.


Ardmore's operational status can be monitored our website, our Facebook Page or by calling our inclement weather line at 301.577.2575 EXT. 411.

During this time, if you need to contact someone at Ardmore and are unable to reach your normal agency contact, please call 301.577.2575 and listen to the instructions on the voicemail. Emails can also be sent to


Additional Information


Over the last several days, the following items have been done or are in process:

  • Provided reminders to our existing Policies and Procedures designed to promote healthy practices. 

  • Distributed Return to Work Policy for People Supported. 

  • Updated and distributed Return to Work and Travel Procedures for staff.

  • Distributed communication from Ardmore’s Agency Nurse related to symptoms of communicable diseases. 

  • Increased signage to reinforce and reviewed proper handwashing techniques

  • Initiated enhanced cleanings of our program building, administrative offices, transportation fleet and group homes. Additionally, we have increased the frequency of routine cleanings of these spaces. 

  • Increased stock and availability of hand sanitizer and cleaning products in our program building, administrative offices, transportation fleet and group homes. 

  • Updated telework guidelines for eligible staff. Reviewed our policies, procedures and practices relating to communicable diseases against guidelines posted by the CDC.  

  • Educated staff and people supported around the CDC’s guidelines for COVID-19 symptoms.

Please utilize the following resources to ensure you have accurate and timely information relating to COVID-19:

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