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Ardmore Covid-19 Update

June 1, 2020

Ardmore Begins Tele-Support Program


Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Ardmore’s number one priority has been the health and safety of the people we support and our staff. As our region begins to implement their respective Phase 1 and Phase 2 reopening plans, Ardmore wants to reiterate that our priorities have not changed. We continue keep health and safety at the forefront of our decisions.

On March 18, we closed our administrative building, deployed maximum telework opportunities and suspended our day programs.  While our Community Living and Personal Supports programs have remained fully operational, significant adjustments were made. Staffing schedules have been modified to limit the number of people coming in our residences which minimizes risk of exposure to people supported. Our staff undergo wellness screenings at the start and end of each shift and ramped up cleaning protocols have been enacted. In addition, we continue to observe CDC and government guidelines relating to PPE, stay-home orders, and safety protocols.

Ardmore is not currently ready to announce the reopening of our administrative building or the resumption of our Center-Based and Community Day programs. As we await guidance from government agencies, Ardmore’s Executive Team continues to meet and evaluate what needs to be in place for us consider a gradual reopening. It is important to note that a gradual reopening will not be a return to “normal” but rather a measured response designed to provide person-centered supports in a post-COVID-19 environment.

While much remains unknown about how COVID-19 will impact our ability to serve people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, we do know that DDA has equipped agencies with an array of tools and a large measure of flexibility with which to use them. Ardmore has already taken advantage of some of those tools as we are currently rolling out our Tele-Support and Family Support programs. Both are designed to support people and families where they currently are as well as provide opportunities for continued support as our community moves through its phases of reopening. If you would like information on these resources, please email  

Throughout this experience, we have been uplifted by our essential Direct Support Professionals who have continued to support people under extremely difficult circumstances. We are also buoyed by those who have joined IN COMMUNITY TOGETHER with us to donate PPE, sew masks, host puzzle drives, donate cleaning supplies, partner to provide technology, make financial contributions and cheer on our staff.  As we navigate the days ahead, we continue to believe the best way forward is in celebration of the community we have built, together.

If you have any question or concerns, you are encouraged to reach out to your normal agency contact or send an email to  

Please continue to monitor our website for updates on our operational and reopening status.

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