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 Pathways to Empowerment

This Giving Tuesday give a gift that  Empowers

Ardmore's mission is to "Empower people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
"We do this by partnering with those we support, and their families, while actively working with our staff and the community to provide high-quality and person-centered services to build pathways for adults with Intellectual and Developmental disabilities to live the life they
determine for themselves.

Being empowered means having a choice.

Empowered can look like:
   Choosing how you spend your day

   Receiving the support you need to live a healthy life

   Participating in your community in meaningful ways

But Ardmore and our services are just a part of the equation, we need the support of those in our community who care, like you!  Empowered People Power Communities, your donation this Giving Tuesday will ensure that adults with disabilities have the tools, access, and support they need to live the life they choose for themselves.  Whether that's finding a job, having their own home, or like Ransom, enjoying a night out at the game, your support makes the difference. 


Ransom enjoying a football game

Ways  To Give Back
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Join us live on November 29th at 11 am and 3 pm on Facebook Live to help raise donations by playing a game of Kahoot and chances to win prizes

Live Virtual Game

Employment - A Pathway to Independence

Having a job means having freedom, and having freedom gives you the power to make your own choices and to control the direction of your own life.

After being furloughed during the pandemic from his long-term administrative position, Kevin found himself at a crossroads; the same crossroads many Americans found themselves during this time. He asked himself, what now? Faced with this uncertainty, Kevin and Irma, his job coach at Ardmore worked together to create a plan which leveraged Kevin’s impressive skillsets and passion for helping people.  Kevin applied and interviewed for a role with the Prince George’s County School System and was successfully offered a position.


Kevin loves his job as a 1:1 Dedicated Aid because it gives him the opportunity to empower students using the same kind of support he’s received, and he believes that will make a tremendous difference in their lives.

Random Acts of Kindness - A Pathway to Community Connection

“I wish for a world that views disability, mental or physical, not as a hindrance but as unique attributes that can be seen as powerful assets if given the right opportunities” – Oliver Sacks

Each month Ardmore's Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) Club goes out into the community to spread a little unexpected joy and kindness. For the month of November, the group created homemade bird feeders and shared them with the residents of the Bowie Senior Center.  

Alan and Melissa pictured above spent a day handcrafting bird feeders to share with their friends at the center. Alan said, "the best part of the day was that so many folks stopped by the table to chat and laugh with us."

The group received heartfelt comments about how nice it is to come across such kindness, just because. One woman even asked if they would consider teaching a class on making bird feeders, to which Alan happily agreed.

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