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Impact: Ardmore!

Stories of growing dreams ... empowering lives ... advancing a culture of excellence ...  being IN COMMUNITY TOGETHER!



For Kevin Jamison, helping people is his super power. And, at Ardmore, we are committed to the principles of Employment First.



The restaurant where Sean was hired closed due to the pandemic. Sean and his mother, Linda, share the benefits of JOB CLUB, our virtual employment service

Alesia -1.jpg


Many people with differing abilities have a goal of living independently. Alesia’s journey exemplifies our belief that ANYONE can do ANYTHING, with the right supports!

DeNairio - 1.jpg


DeNairio has never seen a gadget he didn’t want to try.  In fact, the self-proclaimed “Gadget Man” keeps a closet full of handy household devices, which he is more than happy to share with anyone who needs a little help ...

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A voracious reader, avid learner, and well-known self-advocate, Ramona has long enjoyed hanging out at the local library or taking a community college course from time to time. But she had never stayed in a house by herself  ...

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