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Igniting Is Just
The Beginning!

#IgnitePossibilities represents the spark, the catalyst, and the driving force behind our mission. It encapsulates the transformative impact we aim to achieve—the ignition of potential within each person we support. The metaphorical flame symbolizes the hope we have in our mission to create a culture of inclusion while illuminating a path toward a future brimming with opportunities

The Flame Throwers Motto

  • Inclusion: We believe in a world where diversity is celebrated, and everyone has a seat at the table.

  • Empowerment: Our goal is to empower individuals, sparking the flame of self-belief and potential.

  • Equality: We advocate for equal opportunities, ensuring that no one is left in the shadows.

How We Spark Change

Advocacy Programs: Join our advocacy programs to champion the rights and needs of individuals with diverse abilities. Together, we can influence policy changes that create a more inclusive society.


Community Engagement: Be part of our community events that celebrate diversity and foster connections. It's a chance to spark conversations, share stories, and learn from one another.

Educational Initiatives: Ignite Possibilities provides resources and educational initiatives to raise awareness about different abilities, promoting understanding and empathy

Meet the Flame Throwers

Igniting the Possibility of Deeper Connections

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Alan and Barbara had been inseparable for many years, sharing a bond that many described as that of soul mates. Their days were filled with laughter, and they bantered like it was their job, their wild senses of humor keeping them connected in a special way. However, just before the onset of Covid, Barbara decided to leave Ardmore's services and start a new chapter in a different home.

Igniting the Possibility of Friendship

In the quaint neighborhood where Angel resides, a chance encounter unfolded that would blossom into a heartwarming connection. Angel, strolling down her street, happened upon the sweetest woman living nearby. Intrigued by the warmth of their initial interaction, Angel struck up a conversation that extended to a delightful 10-15 minutes.

Igniting the Possibility of Meaningful Days

James isn’t just any employee; he has a history with Ardmore that made his journey unique. Initially, James started as an employee at Ardmore, working under the supervision of Mr. John Todd, Ardmore’s Facilities Manager. His role involved the essential tasks of maintaining the cleanliness of the building, which included emptying trash, sweeping, mopping, and handling any other necessary chores.


However, the winds of change blew when the COVID pandemic hit, leading to the permanent closure of the building where James worked. This sudden turn of events left James without a job, and like many others, he found himself grappling with the challenges of unemployment. James, who depended on his paycheck for various aspects of his life, was devastated.

Be the Spark that Ignites Change

Ignite Possibilities is more than a campaign—it's a movement dedicated to fostering a culture of inclusion.

Our goal is to spark change by breaking down barriers and unlocking the full potential within every person we support. Through empowerment and advocacy, we aim to create a world where opportunities abound for everyone.

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