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Impact: Ardmore!

​Dec 2013

DeNairio has never seen a gadget he didn’t want to try.


In fact, the self-proclaimed “Gadget Man” keeps a closet full of handy household devices, which he is more than happy to share with anyone who needs a little help popping a dent; moving a heavy piece of furniture; or clipping a cumbersome rose bush. But then, according to business owner, Tom Kerley, that’s the kind of man DeNairio is – a real team player, who is as resourceful as he is thoughtful and dependable.


“There’s nobody quite like DeNairio” says Kerley. “He’s an extremely conscientious worker who never takes anything or anyone for granted; and as far as I’m concerned he will always have a job here with us.”

Having worked for the last 15 years as a sign maker at Kerley Signs in Landover, DeNairio not only thrives on challenge, he also takes great pride in volunteering for the more mundane tasks that others may not want to do. “I’m a problem solver,” he explains. “Any job they give me is just fine.”

His immediate supervisor, Ron Kennedy, chuckles as he recounts some of the ways DeNairio has gone above and beyond the call. “It’s not at all unusual for us to find him using his lunch hour to wash and wax the trucks, or putting in extra time to pick up the trash that blows into our parking lot. He’s one of the most motivated people I have ever known and we all love working with him.”

Not surprisingly, DeNairio is also a stickler for punctuality. He drives his own truck to the job (rather than depending on public transportation), and never leaves for home until his work area is clean and ready for the next day. As he so proudly puts it, “I like to stick to my master plan. That’s what keeps me going.”

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