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Impact: The Importance of Job Club

​Nov 2020

Written on behalf of Sean by his mother, Linda


Last March, Sean was scheduled to begin a job the same week that our country went on lockdown. It was such a hard time, knowing that the pandemic was upon us. We were very scared and disappointed that Sean couldn’t start his job.

A few weeks later, still in lockdown, we learned that the restaurant where Sean was hired to work closed down permanently as they had lost so much business. We made the most out of staying home. We enjoyed cooking and reading together, going on long walks, doing chores around the house, and relaxing and listening to music. But after a few weeks, we knew we needed more connections to other people and more structure in our lives.

We have learned to use Zoom and attend Ardmore’s Job Club every week. It is so nice to see everyone on Zoom and talk and connect to the Job Support Staff and other participants.

Different employers have come to make presentations about their services and the jobs they have. We also have learned a lot about how to have a successful interview, including what questions to ask and how to answer the potential employer’s questions. We practice and improve listening skills by having scavenger hunts, answering questions and sharing information. By playing trivia games, we learn lots of interesting facts that will help us in life and about important topics like the U.S. Census, registering to vote, and the election. Finally, the best part is at the end of each meeting, when Mr. Williams plays us out with a fun song and video! We especially like Bruno Mars!!!

Since we are all isolated from each other right now, we look forward to Job Club because we know we will see our friends and learn something new each time. These weekly meetings where we see each other and can talk, learn and have fun together mean so much to us.

Thank you, Ms. Bridges, Ms. Lawton and Mr. Williams for organizing our topics and leading our meetings. It is so great to see all of you each and all of our friends every week!

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