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Tia-Shon Kelly Headshot.jpeg
Tia-Shon Kelley

Director of Learning & Workforce Development

"I am a passionate advocate for continuous learning and workforce development for all employees. Ardmore’s renewed commitment and investment in employee learning will help increase the team’s capacity to serve and support individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We will train and upskill our staff to consistently provide stellar support and care for every individual and family we serve."  


Tia-Shon Kelley joins Ardmore as a seasoned leader with 20 years of varying experience. She has held senior leadership positions in both the for-profit and nonprofit industries. Tia-Shon has worked in diverse business lines such as Finance, Banking, Customer service, Operations, and most recently, Non-Profit Education. She was featured on PBS in 2020 for her workforce development success with youth and young adults in Baltimore City.


Tia-Shon has worked for notable institutions such as Bank of America, M & T Bank, and KIPP Baltimore Foundation.  Tia-Shon has worked within the Baltimore City school system for the last 10 years. Most recently,  6 years at Green Street Academy Foundation, providing workforce training for underserved populations in Baltimore City.  Her responsibilities included creating, training, planning, and executing work readiness curriculum and training for students in grades 8-12 and ages 14-21 years old.  Tia-Shon was also responsible for the direct operational and strategic oversight of the Green Street Academy Internship and Apprenticeship program for the last 5 years. The program supported 350- 500 students, administrators, staff, and community partners annually.


Tia-Shon received her bachelor’s degree from Morgan State University and is currently pursuing her MBA.  She looks forward to collaborating and creating individualized and cohort-based internal and external training programs for Ardmore employees. This will ensure that existing and potential workers possess the skills to complete tasks efficiently and effectively and, most of all, excellently.

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